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Best Cities To Live in the World 2024

today we are discussing the 20 best cities to live in the world have you ever thought of settling down or relocating to an all equipped city where life is good in every aspect I'm sure you must have given it a thought but because of so many places in the world it becomes a little difficult to choose one so to help you in deciding the best city to relocate to we have come up with the list of the 20 best cities to live in the world the rankings are taken from the mercer's quality of living city

-ranking survey it measures the quality of life provided in each city and the facilities available in these cities number 20 st. Petersburg Russia also known as the Venice of the north st. Petersburg is the world's cultural capital it is a mecca of world famous museums architectural monuments galleries theaters and cultural and educational institutions marked by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site this city vibrates with unmatchable energy besides being aesthetically appealing the quality of life provided here with

-all the necessary amenities makes it a perfect city to dwell in number 19 Lisbon Portugal being one of the oldest cities in the world Lisbon is embellished with colonial monuments this capital city is the economical cultural and political center of Portugal some of the major attractions of the city include photo music delicious food all year round Pleasant weather and friendly people in addition to this Lisbon is famous for its trams which adds to being an exciting mode of commuting number 18 when a situs Argentina this gorgeous

-capital of Argentina boasts of being a home to several elegant historical architectures also called the Paris of South America when a situs is the place where the most intimate dance form tango was originated one can enjoy juicy steaks here along with experiencing the passion for football the city even features some quirky and fun street arts number 17 Cape Town South Africa featuring incredible beaches mountains and forests Cape Town is full of bounteous nature this city offers a perfect work-life balance as you can hit


-to the beach to relax after a stressful day it is also regarded as a safe city with very low crime rates and coming to food here they have a variety of options to satisfy your taste buds number 16 oslo norway bordered on one side by an expensive forest and on the other side by serene blue waters oslo is also an ideal place for nature lovers it is a very compact city and can be easily explored on foot also it is laden with world-famous museums and galleries ranging from viking ship museum the Fromme Museum and the National Gallery

-which houses Edvard Munch's famous painting the screen number 15 Prague Czech Republic known as being the city of a thousand spires Prague attracts thousands of visitors from time to time around the year it is a heaven for 3d architecture Gothic cathedrals Romanesque chapels and cellars baroque palaces and a lot more the cost of living here is inexpensive with immense job opportunities available to cater to everyone one can also enjoy one of the best beers here number 14 Bern Switzerland situated on the river airy

-the stunning capital of Switzerland is a popular tourist destination it is a relatively small city with bundles of opportunities to offer it is well known for its economical cost of living medieval streets high quality of life and great public transportation options when you are here one need not worry about educational or professional facilities as Bern is home to many great educational institutions and international companies number 13 Toronto Canada with the motto diversity are strengths Toronto is one of the most


-multicultural cities of the world it is the biggest and most populous city of Canada along with this Toronto has bagged the title of being one of the world's most economically powerful cities by Forbes magazine it has a very youthful soul and a vibrant spirit the locals here are extremely hospitable and friendly the city is proud of having a high quality of life great educational and health care facilities one will never be bored here as Toronto is always thriving with live music number 12 amsterdam netherlands amsterdam gives a

-village-like charm combined with a cosmopolitan vibe in this city has a high life quality index and has one of the most competitive business locations in europe one can find a variety of job opportunities available here with lowest costs of living the cultural and social life here is quite colorful which includes world-class theaters museums great cafes and canalside concerts number 11 Berlin Germany offering beer at dirt cheap prices and having over 250 parks it can be easily understood as to why Berlin is considered as one of the

-best cities to live in the life in Berlin is very cheap in fact it is one of the cheapest Western European capitals it is a home to some of the legendary clubs such as Bergen and Tressa the food here is diverse ranging from Turkish to Chinese different modes of transportation are available like trams you bonds as spons buses and even ferries which are highly durable number 10 Sydney Australia Sydney is the most populated city of Australia featuring a high standard of living it is home to world-famous landmarks such as the

-Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbour Bridge and many more the culture here is exciting and vibrant some of the great educational institutions are situated here the beaches here are known worldwide for their brilliant and stunning views and being a major city Sydney is well-connected with ease of commuting number 9 Wellington New Zealand the capital of New Zealand Wellington is an amazing city to live in one will find nature in abundance here with seashores on one side and hills on the other the Zealandia sanctuary here is a haven for

-wildlife lovers as it features some of the country's rarest native species the city has low levels of pollution which in turn increases the life expectancy another interesting feature of Wellington is that it has more cafes bars and restaurants per head than New York and the most coffee roasters per head worldwide number 8 helsinki finland helsinki is the capital and largest city of finland it is a multicultural city with high quality life low crime rates hyper efficient city services and great health care and education services

-featuring short commutes one can go almost anywhere on bike besides helsinki is a hub of creativity and innovation apart from the National Museum in the National Gallery the city has dozens of museums and art galleries life as an artist is highly respected here and this city offers plenty of opportunities to creatives to promote and display their work number 7 Tokyo Japan Tokyo is regarded as the safest city in the world with low or almost no crime rates when one is in Tokyo they need not worry about walking alone at


-night or worrying about things like pickpocketing in addition to this the capital of Japan features a mild weather and clean surroundings the main feature of the city is that it has been successful in striking a perfect balance between modern and traditional here one can find various sightseeing spots and enjoy a great nightlife number 6 Vancouver Canada it is the second Canadian city to make it to this list of best cities in the world Vancouver has consistently been named in the top 10 of the world's most livable cities for five

-years in a row now it is a very expat friendly City with the most serene surroundings the view of the snow-capped mountains is really mesmerizing this city also has some great wildlife such as grizzly bears bald eagles humpback whales etc the crime rates are almost non-existent number five Melbourne Australia the second Australian City Melbourne has made it to this list like Vancouver it has consistently been named the most livable city in the world for six years in a row now from education to healthcare to employment opportunities

-the facilities provided in the city are top-notch the diverse culture of Melbourne welcomes its visitors with warm and open arms number four Munich Germany home to many global companies like BMW Siemens and PwC Munich is the third largest city of Germany along with being a powerful economical hump Munich has Englischer Garten park which is larger than New York Central Park so Munich has a perfect balance of nature and industrialization and if we talk about food nightlife and entertainment Munich fulfills all the expectations at an

-unmatchable level number three Copenhagen Denmark at number three we have Denmark's capital Copenhagen to enjoy a high quality of life one must live in Copenhagen it is the only city in the world where bikes outnumber cars and which is why Copenhagen has lower pollution levels since the weather here is cold one can enjoy winters at its best also here the working conditions are amazing and the welfare system supports all weather locals or foreigners number 2 Zurich Switzerland Zurich bags the second position in our

-list as it is regarded as the safest city in the world in fact it has been voted as the most suitable city to raise a family all the facilities like healthcare employments education etc are of premium quality it offers high salaries and it even boasts of having the best education systems in the world coming to its natural environment Zurich is known for its calm lakes and dramatic mountains number one Vienna Austria ranked as the number one city in the list of best cities in the world is Vienna Austria it features a high quality of life with

-affordable housing and excellent education system it is the most safest city with the most clean and green surroundings the transportation here is very convenient making commuting easy and enjoyable it has the highest GDP rates Austria is the 14th richest country in the world one can always enjoy great classical music fine arts and theaters when in Vienna thank you for watching this video if you are new here don't forget to click on subscribe so you never miss a video and share this with your dear ones for more information.


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