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Travel stories stem from accounts of tourists and locals, which can be entertaining or informational and share an experience, custom or moment.

With a wide range of topics from wines to architecture to cuisine to extinct animals like moa in New Zealand, there are a lot of travel stories to go around.

Specifically, this will be about some key facts on Portugal.

Introduction: Portugal is a country in the Western Europe and shares its borders with Spain in the West. With some close friends through short trips in 2016 coming back happy, I start looking for cheap flights online right after my graduation ceremony happens. I booked round trip tickets, bought some warm clothes and found the appropriate guides offline all 5 days earlier than the flight time's departure day. It is possible that my student loans will have been paid off if I

Life changing travel stories can be found around the world while discovering outstanding destinations and people.

Europe is one of the most significant regions where tourists can see different cultures, sanguine buildings, places of historic importance, local cuisines and drinks.

This region covers a diverse range from pleasant to harsh landscapes (e.g., Amazon Rainforest/Sierra Nevada) with varying climates as well as a number of state-specific hobbies like skiing in Switzerland, boating in the Czech Republic and cycling in Poland. Enthusiasts fill their days exploring new restaurants or discovering ancient towns and spending blissful evenings observing different dance scenes in many countries like Italy's salsa or Ireland's traditional set dancing often known as Irish ceili dancing.

Travelling across the continents has never been easier. The advent of technological advancements has made the whole process different and enjoyable. Travellers today can explore unimagined locales with incredible ease- owing to the use of a multitude of apps, some even integrate with various online giants like Uber, Airbnb and YouTube.

Initial research article: Madrid's Urban Ecology Foundation takes in rescued animals to save its vanishing wildlife

In a nation with high levels of unemployment, on Sundays we have access to many free museums and parks- what Madrid lacks in open jobs for our people in Madrid it more than compensates for it in lifestyle options- during trips around the city I was able to spot an abundance of art exhibitions showcasing more than 1,000 years' worth of video works from artists from all over the world.

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