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Who says you can't play games in the office? This year marked the arrival of a gamer-centric lifestyle brand that reimagines classic workplace scenarios and activities as part of a playful world, one in which corporate hierarchies are renamed gaming ladders and collaborations are "playing together."

Even if you feel like your desk job leaves you missing out on your childhood fav gaming, Mama Needs Mana has something for everyone. The company wants to make sure that gamers feel welcome, a gentle push from behind from beloved consoles to keep on grinding.

The game is not just confined to the screen. If a gamer wants more challenges, they can go on and live the gaming lifestyle in their real life.

Playing Heroes of the Storm is no longer a traditional hobby; it has become a part of one's life and helped building interest in other games. Some gamers have been able to turn this healthy activity into money by starting their own youtube channels or Twitch broadcasting which doubles as career and entertainment.

In-game currencies are now tangible assets that have real world equivalents, and gamers earn them through game time and effort. The accumulated “Mist” can be sold to casino operators for cash so players have more money to spend on items as they level up in-game.

In 2017 video game gambling was reported to exceed gambling on horse racing, football and baseball combined (14). And the popularity of Twitch (the platform that allows gamers to live stream their gameplay) is proof that studios need an outlet like Mama Needs Mana to engage with young people (13) leading the way in the next big industry—gaming.

Growing up, I had this big and colorful Mana Gaming poster on my bedroom wall. And as a part of the guild, I was connected to all these friends fighting alongside me. But coming up as a professional player was brutally hard from the get go. I have been putting my blood sweat and tears in to make it to where I always wanted to be, but it kept challenging me time and time again. The feeling that has always been worth going through all the pain is the moment when you

It is likely that the majority of professed gamers have consumed tons of data on their work around home computers and smartphones when they weren't gaming. It is practically a valid distinction since over 80 percent of these respondents admitted to having looked at their smartphone in the last hour.

The average person downloaded twenty-eight games on their phone or in 2016 according to a study conducted by Strategy Analytics. This number raises if they both have a Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 but it has been seen to drop as younger people grow up with more casual consoles like the iphone8s or Switch which focus on family gaming.

With MR equipment and a gaming laptop, some people have gotten wealthy by selling peak high-tier virtual items for real money in the first place.

The top players who are ranked and profiled online forge their career in gaming, perceiving them as heroes everywhere irl.

Just log on to YouTube for some of these career heroes that you can see.

Mana is a lifestyle, it's both IRL things and texting gameplay chats together through playing their favorite MOBA or WoW game while doing irl things they do in their day-to-day irl life, too.

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