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Wanderlust Kitchen is a cookbook and travel blog that features recipes from around the world. From our humble beginnings as a couple of friends cooking in their apartment, we have grown into a family of thousands who are always looking for the next horizon to go after.

The Wanderlust Kitchen team is always on the hunt for dishes that are interesting and accessible, with an emphasis on flavor. We believe that food should be accessible to all people regardless of gender, nationality, or socioeconomic status. For us, good food is not just about taste but also about history and culture.

Wanderlust Kitchen is a site on the internet that strives to bring food from all around the world to your kitchen table. It uses recipes that are quick, easy and can be made with ingredients you can find in your pantry.

Our Mission: To inspire you to explore new cooking adventures with a delicious recipe and gorgeous photos of food from other cultures. All while making recipes accessible with ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.

The purpose of this site is to introduce unique and interesting craft beer, the people behind them, the breweries they came from, the lively culinary scene around them.

Does anyone want to visit a restaurant and not decide what they want to order in fear of getting something not quite up to their taste bud standards? We believe that beer should be held in such esteem as we learn how much flavor it has. So we’re going on a blind taste expedition through craft beer and won’t tell you reviews or scores. Hopefully you can come back for a review after trying that particular brand or brew!

Brian Witthoff is a Western-coast beer geek reviewer. He is also an aficionado of craft beer and founder of the Western-coast beer reviewing blog. He reviews not only West Coast beers but IPAs, imports, pilsners, sours, fresh hops and barrel-aged beers as well. Witthoff will be hosting nearly 30 beer pairing events in the next six months.

His life’s journey has led him from being just another geek to having a regionally renowned role as a beer tasting guru with a national reputation for hosting life-changing events where brews are served with professionally created food courses prepared by top culinary experts.

In addition to providing reviews for different styles of craft beers, he is creating video content about the craft brewing process and how it

West Coast Beer Geek is a beer review blog about beer events and craft beers on the West Coast, such as IVVP HARTIGLOSEN ZWICKLEN, for example.

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