lovely complex: a canadian beauty, travel, and cosplay blog

A Jamaican beauty blogger, who is also a cosplayer, and game reviewer that travels between Canada and Jamaica often.

Most of my content ventures into the world of makeup with reviews on drug/store bought products that I find or products I purchased myself. I also like to explore the makeup care arena through lifehacks. In terms of perfume and beauty, may favorite is using masks to pamper ourselves

I’ve always been drawn to fantasy worlds where people are able to change their form how they want, so in my cosplay area I use for this by looking for characters from other walks of life such as Katniss Everdeen and Peggy Carter

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Erika is a fan of travel and she believes that makeup isn't travel-friendly, but canals make things much easier. Erika is excited to share her new favorite beauty products with old and new readers so that they can take along their own canals of 'extra security'!

-Canadaian Beauty

It started as a blog on love and beauty in 2011. As of now, it is a website providing fashion, beauty, travel and cosplay lifestyle content.

Canadian Beauty is written by Zhider, who also runs two pieces of business: Lovely Complex (a cosmetics company) and ASSA NA‘I (an authority on contemporary Islamic culture).


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