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Makeup artist is the newest trend to hit the beauty industry. With social media changing our perspective about what it takes for someone to be attractive, the demand for upkeep beauty is never-ending. An entire industry serving up make-up tutorials just wont cut it. Enter - The Make Up Blogger!

These ordinary people with an eye for fashion now live a typical nine-to-five life as no cosmeticians or makeup artists when they can create posts of their

favorite new lip color completion alongside a routine to match.(1)

The women mastering this art are in high demand and many of these bloggers report that they find free products from beauty brands and make money by linking their social media ids on sponsored posts.(2)

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Make up and beauty blogs are basically the opinion leaders of the beauty community. They offer inspiration, tutorials, and reviews of products provided by make-up companies overall. Make up and beauty bloggers also offer a unique perspective on make up because they target a specific audience which they know pretty well.

A make up blog will basically be indispensable to the modern woman. It is an excellent tool for beauty product reviews and job interview preparation.

A latest study reports that more and more job seeker are relying on social media to help them get an edge in the job market. Researchers found that number of employers were expressing interest mostly in applicants who had healthy online activity on social media.
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